This is a Blog Posted by Tony Fawaz

You have probably been brought to this site because you were doing a search on Tony Fawaz. I am Tony Fawaz. 

My purpose in posting this blog is to correct a misuse of the freedom of the Internet by an individual who has constantly snubbed the findings of the legal system because he didn't like them. This experience of mine reveals a problem all decent people can face when an unstable person uses the Internet to work outside the legal system and cause damage to innocent people.

When you do a Google search on my name, one of the listings will take you to a site called The Mortonsoft Crew. This site contains inaccurate rubbish about me and others that has been proved false in an action in The Supreme Court of Australia. 

The author of this site refuses to accept the findings of the Supreme Court of Australia. On his site, he continues to  publish inaccurate, defamatory nonsense about me and others who have gone through a long and costly legal process to win a legal action. We have then gone on to be awarded costs and later, damages.

It does not suit this individual that we won this action. He uses his location in a foreign country to stay away from legal action to make him take down the site and to make him accountable to our defamation laws.

He maintains his blog by moving his site to foreign hosting companies. Currently, I believe the hosting company is in Indonesia. When we inform the various hosting companies used by this individual, they remove his site. He then moves to another foreign based hosting company.

Following is my brief account of the events. I believe there is a warning here for everyone that something needs to be done about individuals who think they can ignore the legal system we all live within and publicly state untrue and harmful things about people. They misuse the Internet to arrogantly ignore legal findings, peddle their own confused and jumbled personal views about others and then hide in other countries. This is even more concerning in that I have never met or spoken to this individual and he has made no effort to speak to me. 

On April 3, 2009 I and the others listed in this blog, won legal action. 
This action was brought against us by a company called Vision Gateway. The action took place in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The action failed.

The author of the blog you will come across, was a shareholder in a company unrelated to me and that lost money in a transaction with the owner of Vision Gateway. Vision Gateway was the company that brought the action against me and others listed on the blog.

Vision Gateway alleged that I and the others who are listed in the blog, stole software from that company and that this action ultimately lead to its failure.  This in turn lead to a loss in a company completely unrelated to me and in which this man was a shareholder. It seems that this loss of his money resulted in this individual posting his blog.

The Supreme Court found the action brought against me by Vision Gateway to be rubbish and the action was dismissed with costs awarded to us. I believe Vision Gateway failed because of problems caused by the owner. My view is that the owner of Vision Gateway was deflecting his responsibility for his company's failure by trying to blame me and others. 

The author of this blog has trouble adjusting to the reality of Supreme Court findings.

The Supreme Court reference for the action lost by this company is BS6584 of 2008.

This will take you to a  court transcript of the legal action that was lost by Vision Gateway.
Following is an extract from the verdict by Justice Dutney delivered on April 3 2009. 

It states;


  1. The action be dismissed
  2. The plaintiffs shall pay the defendants costs  incidental to the action."

In the above extract, the plaintiff is Vision Gateway and I am one of the defendants who was awarded costs.


We later successfully sued Vision Gateway and were awarded damages. Six months after we won this action the owner of Vision Gateway died. This meant we were unable to collect our damages and costs.

For some reason, the author of the Morton Soft blog, who I have never met or spoken to, has refused to adhere to  the findings of the lengthy and detailed findings of the Supreme Court. 

It is one of the injustices of the Internet that I could win a legal action and have a third party who was completely unrelated to this action, ignore court findings and post a grossly misleading, confused and defamatory account of events, refuses to take down his defamatory site when requested and moves the site to a new hosting company when the current hosting company takes it down.

I have scanned below a letter from the solicitor I engaged in taking down his site. This letter explains my efforts to take down this individual's defamatory site and the result.

Click here to view the letter

I now intend to pursue this individual through the legal system in his current address in Ireland.

I feel it an injustice that any individual is able to use the freedom of the internet to completely ignore the justice system we all have to abide by.

The result of this person's blog is to use the freedom of the internet to ignore Supreme Court decisions and by his actions, cause wrong doing and damage to those who have  fought and won within the legal system.

Even though I suspect this person is mentally unstable based on his inability to understand court findings and adjust to reality, I intend to now pursue him through the legal system in his home country. This of course will involve me in more time and costs and is something I shouldn't have to do.

This experience of mine contains something that should concern everyone.  I will from time to time post updates of what happens.